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On the introduction stage and during its first launching, POND’S only product was POND’S Cleansing Face Soap. Along with its progress, in growth stage up till maturity stage, POND’S has created innovation in producing night cream and fleck remover cream which has succeeded in the market, called: POND’S FLAWLESS WHITE.



· POND’S has many good quality products which care for and restore the skin’s natural balance. The varieties include Cleanser Shaker, Facial Foam, and Night Cream.

· Our products are free from toxic and mercury.

· POND’s products are easy to be found in department stores, especially in Jakarta.

· The packaging of POND’S products are eye-catching, suitable for its target market who are feminine and place beauty in priorities.


· POND’S FLAWLESS WHITE only has one size of packaging. This may trouble the consumers who would like to buy a bigger size one, and the new consumers who would like trials.

· It has only one fragrance.

· The distribution of POND’S FLAWLESS WHITE is not quite well-spread. It has not reached traditional shops in the remote villages of Indonesia.

· The price of POND’S FLAWLESS WHITE is quite high.


· POND’S is popular amongst Indonesian customers which would bring trustworthiness if POND’S is to launch another chain of its products.

· POND’S still has a large opportunity to market its products to other cities and areas throughout Indonesia.


· Affordable price of internationally well known cosmetics.

· There is a growth in the number of people who put their trust more on skin-care doctors, for example: Erha Clinic.

· There are people who misuse the packaging of POND’s to be exchanged with other products with less quality.


1. Strategy:

Enhance POND’S brand loyalty and trustworthiness amongst its customers and new customers.


Promotion: Creating events based on customer care. For example: skin tests in various department stores attended by public figures. These events should be made as astonishing as possible to attract attention.

People: These events should be served by beautiful SPGs (Sales Promotion Girl) who have adequate knowledge in POND’S products.

Physical Evidence: The set building and decoration of the events should be made suitable for POND’S target market. Mostly with the colour of pink, red, and white; similar to the packaging of POND’S products.

2. Strategy:

Increase sales.


Price: With the exact same price, POND’S should make a “BUY 2 GET 1 FREE” promo. This would make the customers purchase not only one single product, but two at the same time.

Distribution: Broaden the distribution of POND’S products also in less popular towns and in smaller cities throughout Indonesia by building sales agents.

People: Because POND’S is new to these cities, the sales agents and also the new customers should be provided with product-trainings. This would make the products become user-friendly and create a bond between POND’S and its customers.

3. Strategy:

Increase the brand image of POND’S as well as to increase sales by creating the extravagant event of Miss POND’S 2009.


Promotion: This event of the year should be made extravagant and shown live in national public broadcast (television station). The registries could only enter into the competition by filling a form attached to POND’S products. This aim to increase sales.

People: The public figures who have starred in various POND’S advertisements should be brought together in this event. The winner of Miss POND’S 2009 would be the ambassador of POND’S of the year.

Pond’s Flawless White adalah produk pemutih wajah dengan kandungan dan bahan alaminya yang dapat memutihkan kulit dalam 7 hari saja.

Visible Lightning Day Cream

Diperkaya dengan VAO-B3 Complex dan pelindung ganda dari sinar matahari, krim pelembab in dimana kulit anda paling membutuhkan pertolongan ekstra. Hasilnya?Kulit tampak lebih putih, bersih, terasa halus, bersinar dan juga terlindung dari sinar matahari.

Re-Brightning Night Treatment

menutrisi ekstra dengan VAO-B3 Complex baru, krim malam ini membantu merawat kulit sehari-hari dan secara aktif membuat kulit tampak lebih putih saat anda tidur.

Harga :

  • Rp. 50.000,- (Day Cream)Netto 50ml
  • Rp. 55.000,- (Night Cream)Netto 50ml

Price : $ 5 (Day Cream)Netto 50ml

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  1. how's the color of the night cream flawless, because we bought me and my sister the same cream and we found one color white and other color like yellow can you confirm please